Arsonshock new settings

At the moment he is a homeless stallion that lives in Manehattans grave yard. He wakes up every day just to stop crimes that the police ponies can’t handle. The thing is arsonshock normal criminals in jail, As for the serious offenders like murders are judge by him in his own terrifying way. Thats update on the W.I.P story atm.



Whoooooooo 600+ Followers  I LOVE YOU GUYS thank you all for sticking with me this long I know I don’t post as much as i should or compared to most blogs but I’m going to try and fix that I’m also going to try and talk to a couple of my followers I really wanna get to know you guys  but anyways WHOOOO ^u^

It’s contest time I’ve never done this before but hey  LETS GO


  • Likes and reblogs count!
  • as many reblogs as you want it will increase chances of winning
  • You don’t have to follow me but I would love it if you did
  • All winners are chosen randomly I’ll use that random number generator thingy
  • You’ll have 3 days to respond if you win, before I pick a new winner..
  • Winners will be chosen on april 16th

The prizes:

Three OCs will get to appear alongside Coldstorm in this: .

4th place will get a full colored picture of their OC here are some examples:

5th will get a sketch of their OC:

I can also do nsfw stuff to so yea

Good luck ^u^/)

4 more days til the contest is over

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